About Artsy Fartsy Life

I opened this store after falling in love with painting AND finding out manufacturers and retailers could make products with my colorful artwork on them!

My name is Tara Jacobsen and I have been in business and marketing for over 20 years. That said, when we adopted 3 kids from foster care years ago I had to figure out how I could continue to make money to help support our family WITHOUT working 12 hour days! 

I had a couple of Etsy stores and loved them (vintage and digital)... but then I got the urge to be more creative!

So here is how I started painting....

In my early 50s I started doing magazine collages, in fact I did about one a day for over a year - WOW! But I couldn't sell them because the photographers owned the copyright... BUT then I started thinking... what if I could take all that knowledge I had about people's faces and turn them into paintings?

I took a couple of art classes and then jumped in and tried... and yay! I drew my first four gals... the Mad Hatress, Blue Girl, Victorian Curls and the Queen of Hearts.

Over time I have learned some things... like make my artwork on layers, but also that I LOVE to paint and make colorful artwork.

I really am open if you have a suggestion... to date I have made a tiger and a custom gal... I am ready for you to throw a challenge my way!

Here is a one I did where a Mom asked me to paint something to show a strong, confident African American gal like her daughter Codee!

Example woman painted in my art style!


PS ... At first I was totally confused about why I could draw... then I remembered that as a child I drew all the time and had just forgotten. Maybe all these drawings are just ones that I have stored up over my life who were just waiting to get out!

PPS ... If you have a great idea, shoot me an email (tara@marketingartfully.com) and will consider making an artwork with your idea!